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Television Fanatic - | One place to stream all of your television shows.

For Internet users looking for the best in online streaming, the Television Fanatic toolbar is a one stop shop. This revolutionary technology allows for the ultimate online streaming experience, blowing competitors out of the water. With an easy to use setup and installation, a comprehensive interface, and a convenience factor outmatched by no other company of its kind, the software represents the next stage in streaming free online videos. But what is it that makes this toolbar so special, what does it exactly do, and how does it work? Read on to find out!

To put it simply, Television Fanatic provides a crucial service by offering all the web has to offer in the world of online streaming video. After visiting, users are presented with the opportunity to download the toolbar which can easily be installed into any major browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Once users have finished installing the toolbar, they immediately gain access to all of the web’s hottest free videos via the platform. This platform features an easy to use interface that even a novice Internet user can navigate simply and safely. So even if you don’t consider yourself the most technologically-savvy person, getting started with the service will not pose any problems!

television fanatic toolbar

In essence, Television Fanatic takes the guess work out of the online streaming process. By compiling a massive database of all of the web’s hottest streaming series and movies, the toolbar makes it easy to surf the web’s video archives. We all know that going from site to site every time you decide to watch something new presents a major hassle, and that’s something we would all like to avoid. By keeping tabs on what shows and movies are on which sites and services, the Television Fanatic toolbar trims the fat from the streaming experience by eliminating the need to manually travel from site to site. The end result introduces a completely new and hassle-free way to watch your favorite movies and shows online.

Admittedly, the concept of such a convenient streaming process seems hard to believe. After all, it was only a few years back when major television and film studios were filing law suits against alleged online pirates for stealing intellectual property. But a lot has changed since that day, and the public no longer has to worry about receiving a fine for watching a television show or movie. The toolbar is completely free and 100% legal.

So how is it that Television Fanatic can offer all of these shows and movies for free without legal consequences? Easy. The team behind Fanatic did not create a system that worked around copyright laws. Instead, they built a system that revolves around the current state of online streaming media.

See, despite the numerous efforts by the film and television studios, countless internet users chose to ignore threats of fines and continued streaming shows and movies. Realizing that the trend was not going anywhere, and that they were losing money to illegal third party sites that hosted their content, the studios decided to change their business model. Today, many of America’s large networks release their shows online for free on sites that they own. Sure, the network-owned sites feature commercials and other advertisements, but that’s a small price to pay for free streaming video that plays when you want it to play.

Unfortunately, the new business model embraced by the television studios was not without its faults. The online release of network television shows eliminated the problems of piracy, but it created a new problem in terms of convenience. As hubs for pirated shows and movies were operating illegally, they could host any show from any network all on the same site. Major networks, however, do not have that advantage, as they must respect the intellectual property of their fellow networks. The end result of this makes for a landscape where the cable equivalent to flipping channels takes several minutes. And no internet user wants to take several minutes to get from one show to the next.

What Does Television Fanatic Have To Offer?

This is where T.V. Fanatic comes in. The toolbar acts as a moderator between all major network sites, as well as other legal third party sites that feature network shows, such as Hulu and Netflix. A complete list of the networks offered by Television Fanatic is provided below:

CBS – Many of today’s most exciting criminal dramas call this network home. Although CBS always offers sometime new, some of its most prominent shows in 2013 include Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, The Mentalist, and Hawaii 5.0.

TheCW – This network hosts several supernatural dramas that have proven to be great hits over the past several years. Two of the more notable of these supernatural dramas are Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. The CW also hosts Tyra Banks’ reality show Next Top Model, a must watch for those interested in fashion.

NBC – NBC is home to television icons like Saturday Night Live, one of the most streamed television shows on the internet. Cast members of SNL have gone on to create their own shows for the network, notably Tina Fey’s 30Rock, a series based on the chaos that unfolds inside the network’s building.

Nick – The iconic network for kids, Nick is known for hosting shows like SpongBob SquarePants and Kung Fu Panda. For younger children, the network hosts many informative shows, such as Dora The Explorer, which engages kids’ imaginations while simultaneously teaching Spanish.

ABC – The American Broadcasting Company continues to engage fans of hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy, but over the past few years it has also introduced more great shows. Among one of the most talked about shows on the network is Scandal, a drama that follows a Washington’s woman’s life in the world of politics. ABC also hosts reality shows like The Bachelor and Shark Tank.
Fox – Loved for adult cartoons like The Simpsons and Family Guy, Fox also features sitcoms like The Mindy Project and the New Girl. Fox also started airing to new series this year, both of which are stirring quite the buzz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sleepy Hollow.

As if access to all of these great networks was not enough, Television Fanatic also allows users to connect to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. Not only do these sites allow users to stream TV shows, they also allow for streaming full length movies. While YouTube offers millions of videos for free, both Netflix and Hulu require a monthly subscription. Fortunately, that monthly subscriptions are below $10 per month, which is peanuts compared to a typical cable bill. It should also be noted that Hulu offers some of its content for free and only charges a monthly rate for premium access.

So what are you waiting for? If you want access to the latest hit television shows and movies, install the Television Fanatic today and start streaming videos within minutes. Remember that the toolbar is completely free and 100% legal, so you don’t have to worry about fees or fines.

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4.3 5.0 3 3 I have been using Television Fanatic for 6 months and love it! The amount of shows available are great and the interface is very easy to use. My kids use my account and love it as Television Fanatic

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"great product"
Reviewed  by brooks brecker

I have been using Television Fanatic for 6 months and love it! The amount of shows available are great and the interface is very easy to use. My kids use my account and love it as well. I would honestly recommend this product to anyone looking to watch way too much television and fall behind on their basic responsibilties.


"Love the old television shows"
Reviewed  by Perry Mason, Lost In Space, Twightlight Zone

Thanks for allowing me to enjoy some of my childhood old shows, with clear viewing and sounds. The shows I grew up with are Lost In Space, Twightlight Zone, Perry Mason, My Favorite Martian, Family Affairs, and Green Achers.


"Television Fanatic is legit"
Reviewed  by Anonymous

Television Fanatic is a great browser extension I would recommend to anyone. Good show selection and good picture quality. Honestly that's all i care about. I travel a lot for work and get my entertainment from my trusty lap top. I have used many similar products through the years but so far i am thrilled with Television Fanatic. I have been using for months and it delivers everything I need.


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