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According to, there are many of us who have the concept of online reputation management all wrong. For a long time, the online reputation management industry has been equated with Google cleanup—removing unwanted or unflattering search engine listings and replacing them with positive, brand-enhancing content. To the layman, then, online reputation management is largely a reactive discipline.

Certainly, that is an element of what online reputation management is all about. It is far from the sum total of what OBM companies can do. More accurately, it is not the sum total of what can do.

The Brand Building Business

The professionals at this company like to say they are in the brand building business. Yes, this means the company helps its clients to suppress defamatory online listings, and to fight back against adverse online reviews. There is much more to it than that. More than anything else, the company is distinguished by its proactive, all-encompassing approach to brand building.

This is particularly true of the company’s brand-enhancement products. With Brand Enhancement, the company inundates the search engines with assets that portray the client as authoritative, respected, honorable, and desirable—in short, as a brand of choice. That is what the company means when it says it is in the business of building brands: It can transform even a little-known private figure or a brand new company into a true name brand. at a Glance

To understand what makes the company tick, it is worth exploring its history, its services, and its product line.

A Short History of the Company

The company is still fairly young—only around since 2009. A team of online marketing specialists launched it. These marketers knew from firsthand experience what it was like to be attacked with bad reviews and defamatory online listings—and it decided to do something about it.

This team began developing some truly revolutionary techniques for removing unwanted listings from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These techniques proved so effective that the company decided to start offering them to other businesses and brands. With that, was born.

The Company’s Client List

Today, the company is headquartered in Philadelphia. It also maintains offices in Washington, D.C., where it runs national campaigns and consults with political figures. The company’s clientele spans the entire world and includes a wide range of businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Among its business clients the company counts Fortune 100 brands, small business startups, and everything in between. It also provides its services to law firms, medical offices, dental practices, salons, eating establishments, retail stores, marketing agencies, and beyond. The company’s client list even includes colleges, universities, government bodies, and non-profits.

The company also provides brand enhancement services for many individuals. Some are public figures—including politicians, celebrities, and professional athletes. Still others are private citizens. Many are job seekers, looking to boost their career prospects.

An Award-Winning Company deserves to be proud. High on the list: The company has won a number of awards and accolades. The most prestigious of these awards might be its inclusion on the Red Herring Top 100 list, which honors the most promising tech companies in North America. Previous entrants on this list include Twitter, Google, and many other now-prominent names.

Invested in Tech

This underscores another critical point about, which is very much a tech company. Much of the recognition for this goes to Michael Zammuto, a former Microsoft executive who took over as the president and COO of a couple of years ago. When he came to the company, Zammuto directed it to invest heavily in research and development, and to pioneer some new trailblazing technologies.

This investment has paid off in a big way. The company’s technology portfolio is truly standard setting. Here are a few examples:

- Reputation Monitoring Tools. A big part of brand enhancement includes knowing what is out there—being aware of what people are saying about your brand on the Internet. Effective reputation monitoring tools are hard to come by; even Google and Bing Alerts are limited in how far they go. This company has developed some best-in-class monitoring and alert tools that scour all corners of the Deep Web, including social media sites and places even Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not go.

-          Social media management tools. Building a strong, positive online brand means harnessing the full power of social media. This can obviously prove time-consuming, especially for those trying to juggle dozens of social media accounts. This company has developed a social media management tool that makes account management incredibly easy and effective—more so even than something like Hootsuite.

-          Review moderation tools. Businesses and brands often struggle to stay on top of their online reviews, and to effectively respond to negative posts on sites such as has pioneered tools that allow companies to collect positive reviews, to moderate them, and ultimately to publicize them.

- Not many companies can say they have innovated their very own social network, but this one can. is designed to offer maximum impact when it comes to brand enhancement. The SEO-driven site allows individual and corporate users to broadcast all of their most noteworthy achievements.

-          The Command Center. Finally, there is the Command Center—which functions as an all-in-one online hub from which all of these other tools can be accessed. In other words, it is incredibly easy to assume full control of a reputation management or brand enhancement campaign, all thanks to!

Products for Corporate Clients

In addition to its technological edge, its custom-made brand-enhancement programs also distinguish the company. Nothing at ever comes in a one-size-fits-all package. Instead, all campaigns are generated to match the client’s specific branding goals and desires.

There are a number of basic categories into which’s products fall. For corporate clients, those categories include:

1. De-indexing plans. De-indexing plans are what the name suggests—plans that are designed to remove unwanted, unflattering, or outright defamatory listings from the first few pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These negative listings are suppressed—pushed outside the public eye—and replaced with positive online assets, over which the client has total control.

2. Control plans. These plans exist to help businesses maintain control over current listings, insulating themselves from future attacks.

3. Autocomplete plans. Autocomplete plans are designed to offer companies the opportunity to remove/modify the AutoComplete suggestions made by Google, Yahoo, and Bing—eliminating any potentially unwanted connotations or affiliations.

4. Related Searches plans. These are intended to remove unwanted entries from the list of “related search” terms at the bottom of a search engine results page. Again, they can help to eliminate any potentially unwanted associations, and to direct search activity in a more positive and constructive way.

5. Wikipedia action plans. The Wikipedia plans are designed to help companies and organizations remove defamatory or false information from the Wiki entries; to balance negatives with positives; and to create brand new Wikipedia entries, when needed. also helps to monitor Wikipedia pages, taking action against new additions when needed.

6. Crisis management plans. These plans are useful for public companies coming under attack. They provide a full, expansive set of damage control options.

7. Review suppression plans. These plans provide companies with the tools they need to moderate their online reviews on sites such as,, and so on.

Products for Individual Clients also offers a number of products for individuals—many of them similar to the action plans listed above. As previously listed, offers de-indexing plans, control plans, autocomplete plans, related search plans, Wikipedia action plans, and crisis management plans.

Not previously listed, also offers image plans. Image Suppression plans are available for individuals who wish to take control of their Image Search listings removing unwanted images, including arrest photos or mug shots.

Leaders in Brand Enhancement

There is an action plan to meet most any need, for companies and people alike. All of this simply proves that, in the brand building business, is without a match.

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4.9 5.0 18 18 I was very happy with the service that was provided to my business from They provided quality content for my business and had excellent customer service. I worked with Reviews

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"Excellent Company for Branding"
Reviewed  by kellie steeves

I was very happy with the service that was provided to my business from They provided quality content for my business and had excellent customer service. I worked with Tarek and he really helped create social media sites to brand my company.


"Great service, great product"
Reviewed  by Peter Andersson

Brand is absolutely fantastic when it comes to Google results. They are professional, fast and know what they are doing. I would absolute recommend for both personal and professional Google cleaning!!


"Great Company"
Reviewed  by Dale Neuner

I was doing a job search in a very competitive industry and couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting anywhere. The I googled myself and found a very unflattering news article containing my name from over 25 years ago. I called to see if they could help, and within a few short weeks that internet 'hit' as no longer visible. Gen Moser at was extremely helpful, walked me through each step of the process, was personable, never questioned my integrity or the content ot the undesirable internet content, and delivered on their company's promises way beyond my expectations. Check t...


"Great company"
Reviewed  by Donald S

My experience with has been excellent. Gen Moser, the project manager responsible for my campaign has been available, timely and helpful. The “Auto Suggest” portion of the process was fixed very quickly. The clearing and ranking process has also improved greatly.

I recommend without reservation for search engine ranking issues.


"Brand.Com to the rescue"
Reviewed  by Matthew Roblez

Brand.Com is amazing. There is not enough space for me to say how much they have helped me. Not only have they cleaned my search results, but they have actually helped me build my name and businesses. They really came to the rescue in a time when I really didn't know what to do for help. Totally worth every penney spent.


"Keep quiet and hire"
Reviewed  by Javy V

In my life I was slandered. I just kept quiet and in silence, and hired The work they were able to provide protected and cleaned up my search results not just in the United States but all around the world.


"Pioneering an Industry"
Reviewed  by Kyle McGrath

Working for, a company at the forefront of Online Brand Management, is an amazing experience. The innovation that occurs on a weekly basis and technology we use, gives us the ability to provide the most accurate analysis of online marketing campaigns/strategies for your brand.

Mike Zammuto, Chuck Evans, Mike Morsell and all other executives leading forward are the types of visionaries that make any company worldwide leaders. Thankfully we have them here at


"A fulfilling career, not just a job"
Reviewed  by Jeff Glauser

In eight months here, I can personally attest to not just being a game changer for its clients, but for its employees as well. From the quality of life (on site masseuses, personal trainers, and happy hours) to the A-level leadership to the constant evolution of our programs to best serve our clients, the experience working for - and with - is simply unmatched!


"Great Company"
Reviewed  by Kristen Santoro

I have worked for for a few months and couldn't be happier with my choice to come here. I feel like I am truly part of a team and we are all working together to make our clients' lives better through improving their brand online. I really do feel like we help people everyday.


" is a great company!"
Reviewed  by David Tejeras

I work for and it is the most exciting company I have ever worked for. Great atmosphere, professional work environment, cutting edge technology and the ability to help a lot of people. knows how to treat their employees and customers. I have worked for over a year and have had many roles with the company. Since I've worked here we have grown almost 300%!


"Best Ever"
Reviewed  by Ryan Vanderwall

Working with has been awesome! This really helps clean your search results. You will see results immediately. I recommend working with Nate! Ask for him if you sign up - Dude is no joke. The results will change your future - totally worth the money!


Reviewed  by Corey Bates is the 3rd online reputation company I have dealt with in the past 3 years. The past year I have worked with with no results. I was quite reluctant to try another reputation company to solve my online problem. Now 2 months in working with I am already seeing real results. So far they have done exactly as they told me they would.
I am very satisfied with what I have seen so far. Keep up the good work!


"Better than I had ever imagined!"
Reviewed  by Connie Weddell

As a start-up company, I initially didn't think I needed someone like because my perception of what they did was boost a companies already existing marketing to make it much better. But Jeff said something to me back in July of 2013 that completely changed my way of thinking! He said, "As a start-up company it's very likely that someone who's interested in doing business with you will want to "Google" you first to check out your creditability... and when they do, what will they find?" I responded "Oh! Wow! I see your point! They won't find ANYTHING about my company at all!" Tha...


"Very Pleased with Outcome and professionalisim"
Reviewed  by sam lehrer

Being that our businesses are driven through internet traffic, we are also at the mercy of some unscrupulous sites. We even found competitors using sites like Ripp Off Report, and Complaints board to attack us. In this day and age, the internet business can be best/worst. We can reach millions with our message at the touch of a button, but we can also be terrorized by competitors, and sometimes the unpleasable customer.

We actually used two firms prior to, and the results were fair at best. One firm did absolutely nothing, and the second made some effort, but small progr...


"Great Professional Services"
Reviewed  by Michelle Allen

I am extremely happy with the services that has done to help promote our online presence. If you want to get your presence out there then I definitely recommend to everyone for their Professional Services.


"So far so good"
Reviewed  by Gary LoRusso

Although this is still an ongoing process, I have been extremely satisfied with the professionalism and results that has provided. They have done a tremendous job with the difficult situation that I have bestowed upon them.


"Great service, great knowledge."
Reviewed  by Fred Vincent

As a business owner, projects pull me in different directions constantly. Katherine has done a great job of keeping up with me and managing our campaigns in a succinct and professional way.

Brand has performed very well, also. We've accomplished our major objectives, and added a lot of good content along the way. My company is guiding the conversation about us now instead of others.


"Swift Results"
Reviewed  by Top 100 Reviews

With in the first week of signing up with Brand, content which I approved was already outranking a negative result about me, that was not even true! Thank god that there are services out their like that can effectively help people in my situation. I would highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to improve their search engine prominence.


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