Reviewing estate agents in Cardiff

reviewing the estate agents in the Cardiff area
I have been asked to review the estate agents in Cardiff based on some key criteria and then produce a repost on it for work. With so many to get around there were different stages to ensure I got feedback from each on the components they wanted. From looking at websites and checking content to looking at how they looked on the major portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. I needed to check all the feedback that the agents gave to enquiries etc and try to give balanced scores at each point so I could analyse and rank them once completed.

Cardiff has lots of estate agents

With so many agents to get around and review I needed to be hyper organised and methodical about my approach to this latest challenge. Normally I get sent some product or service and its not as involved but given an agent will be helping you make the biggest single purchase of you life the whole process is quite involved and I wanted to make sure it was accurate.
The first step was to make some general email enquiries this was simple and I create a spreadsheet to track everything like date sent, first response received. I also looked at the quality of the responses reviewed and gave them a score out of 5 so that this could all be factored into the results at the end.
Once the first emails were all back I sent emails and made calls regarding specific properties that I had seen. I had a set of questions that I asked and scored the estate agents based on the responses I got back. I looked at the quality and depth of knowledge amongst other things and this gave us scores for each of the ones that got back to me or replied to emails.

Surprised how many did not reply

What stuck me and surprised me was the number of agents that did not respond at all to my contact or get back to me with a return phone call. I would have expected them to be more the other way if I am honest. More pushy and pestering but my experience almost across the board was that this was not the case. Whilst many were efficient and quick, lots had little or no interest and some did not get in touch at all.
The last thing I did do was a viewing with each of the top ten agents to get a face to face experience with each of them. I did this as an idea once I had done all the initial data analyse and found out how close the best were. In order to rank the final ten I wanted to be sure I had the right positions and so a viewing was done with each for that real interaction. All the estate agents in Cardiff I went out with were great but the winner was

Hair extensions and product website review

micro hair ring extensions
Hair care and the associated products to make your hair look as good as it can be is big business and we were asked to review a website that specialises in hair extensions and knowledge pieces surrounding the sector. On this particular website you can buy products that give you extra length or volume to your hair and also and other new products in this field.

This website has a comprehensive range of these products and it is set out in a really clear manor to ensure you can easily find the products you are interested in making it easier to compare and contrast between the different ranges.

The pricing of the ranges is also a key factor with the website and they are competitive across most of the ranges we compared for ourselves. The internet if often a great place to grab a bargain and AB-Blues is not alone in offering products at the fraction of the prices you see on the high street for the same or similar products.

Our consumer trials also came back with positive comments. We gave out some of the products we were asked to review to friends and family that showed an interest and generally the feedback was very positive for nearly all the range we looked at.

With Christmas just around the corner and if you are stuck with ideas it may be worth half hour of your time to log on and have a look at the range this website has for hair care we have already picked up a few gift ideas and even a voucher for it may prove to be a wise choice for your loved ones.

If hair is not your thing we will be back soon with another review if however you have any ideas or want us to review a product or service use the contact us page to get in touch.

Review of Swaps mis-selling lawyers

our experience of swaps mis-selling lawyers

Swaps mis-selling lawyers reviewed

Here is our next edition, a review of swaps mis-selling lawyers about a topic likely to make the news on a regular basis. The newest of the banks misfortunes is about to become main stream news and we thought this was a good time to get a review in about it so you can pick a winner to take on your case.

Swaps were sold as part of a business mortgage and were often mis-sold at the time of taking them out and now this practise has been deemed to be bad practise and claims are now being settled out of court. If you were running a business and know that you had a swaps element to it then now is the time to get the advise you need to make a claim against the bank that sold it to you.

Starting your swaps mis-selling claim

This latest in a line of banks mis-selling saga’s is quite a complicated and involved process and whilst this may put off some, the reality is the banks have already stock piled a huge amount of cash in preparation for the inevitable claims that will be made.

Whilst this may seem like another negative bank story at least some businesses that have been effected may be able to get some of their money back, and for those profoundly effected large compensation claims are not unusual.

We review our swaps mis-selling lawyer

We engaged the services of triumph legal a specialist in the swaps mis-selling arena. We met and did not pay anything to review our paperwork and check if the client we had, had a case. Many of the lawyers they had approached had wanted fairly significant fee’s just to check the validity of any claim they may have had. Once they had looked over the paperwork we were found to have a claim against a big well known bank and they offered to take our case on on a no win no fee basis.

We were and took the advise of getting insurance in case our case lost or did not stand up and at £350 our client did this to protect themselves against any potential legal fees or losses. They took our case on and needed a few weeks to prepare their case and put it forward. They explained in full the process and that the claim was very involved as it was both complicated and a long time ago.

After a few weeks our clients case was presented to the bank in question and their legal team took it over to see what they thought about the claim. Obviously at first they were not keen to speak but when we had our court date the whole process of talking and negotiation speeded up. Within a few more weeks we had an offer and then again after we refused that offer a better one came in. We are delighted to say our client settled their swaps mis-selling case and got a considerable settlement.

top gambling website offering freebets reviewed

freebets website reviewed

Keen to review freebets website

We have been asked many times to review freebets websites for you guys. With so many out there you are really spoilt for choice. This niche has seen a massive increase in numbers of websites offering these freebets deals and also the range of different genres they cover. It’s unsurprising that there is stiff competition in this field and you only need to watch the TV ad breaks for five minutes later in the evening before you get an advert for one of these betting websites coming on.
From free bet no deposit offers to deposit based ones there is much to consider when you want to claim one of these deals. Some of the deposit based ones offer a bigger chance of getting a substantial amount of free bets whereas often the free bet no deposit ones give you less chance to get anything more than a small additional amount added to your account.

The type of freebets website makes a difference too

As well as the type of deal you take up effecting the amount in freebets you receive the type of website that it is also shows a difference. Casino websites for example offer some of the most generous bonus offers you can find with some running into potentially over a thousand pounds in freebets. Other websites offer small regular bonus wins every day and these are great for occasional gamblers who may never need to top up the account again.
There are websites covering all different types of gambling from sports betting to bingo and whichever game is your poison there will be a multitude of different specialist website covering your favourite games. All the main bookmakers have multiple websites covering individual types of beting and then there are independents as well.

Our freebets review

We reviewed a website called an affiliate website where the provider offers many different offers from many different providers meaning you don’t have to search around so much trying to compare different deals. It is always worth comparing offers first as once you claim a deal from a provider you are unlikely to be able to do so again even if the new offer is a better one than you took up.
The affiliate site will promote different genres and different deals so you can quickly and easily see at a glance the overview of that type of betting and who’s giving away what.
Once you have found the deal you like taking up a deal is very simple. Providing you do not already have an account you will be asked to fill in some basic personal details and normally register a card to the new account. For a free bet no deposit account you will not be charged anything it’s just for future purchases if you so wish.
Once these are filled in your freebets will be added to your new account and you are ready to place your first bet.

Review of my new slate house signs

House signs in slate look terrific

10/10 for my new slate house signs

I have recently order new slate house signs for my house and thought it would make a great review. My old house sign was on the property when we moved in over four years ago and have never got round to changing them even though they have always bugged me and made me think they make the place look scruffy.

Review of the order process for the slate house signs I bought

First up for the review is the order process for the website I used. I had checked out a few different websites that did these custom designed signs and picked this one for its ease of use and ability to view your design live as you made the changes. The first nice feature was the ability to put a background (like your own homes brickwork) behind the sign you were designing and this allowed you to really see how the product would look on your type of wall. Its only a small part of the process but it did make choosing finishes and colours much easier for me.
The website was then very intuitive as you picked the size you wanted typed in the message and then could play around with colours and fonts until you were 100% happy with the results. Once that was all done you ordered the product or products you wanted and paid via a secure gateway all very easy and very good and I would have to give them 10 out of 10 for the way this has been laid out and works.

Speedy delivery of my slate house signs

The signs arrived ahead of the time they quoted which was great and when I opened the boxes I was certainly not disappointed as they looked and felt amazing. The quality of the slate and finish was the first thing I noticed. Not a single blemish or problem across both of the slate house signs I had ordered. The order was all correct with fixings and instructions that even the worst DIY person could follow (in fact he did follow but I did thank my husband afterwards). The product would certainly score top marks from me and so would the overall experience of dealing with this company.
I am glad to report the signs have provoked many positive reactions from neighbours, friends and family that have visited and I absolutely love them and think they look terrific. They took a while to get done and I can’t believe I didn’t do them sooner and if you are thinking about getting some done i think they are a brilliant purchase that won’t look out of place on any property.

As well as a stack of positive comments from everyone that has seen them it has prompted a few of my friends to order their own. As there are so many different options to choose from you can still get a really original sign for yourself and at less than a hundred pounds they won’t break the bank. I would give the company I chose to do mine an overall 10, as I cannot fault any aspect of the work or process.